Custom made SCUBA diving wetsuit and surfing wetsuit, neoprene material in Bali
Custom made SCUBA diving wetsuit and surfing wetsuit
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SCUBA diving and surfing require flawless equipment and a perfect fit is essential to a first class SCUBA diving or surfing wetsuit. Here at Nemo wetsuits we never compromise on quality and can offer you the best suits on the market, tailored to fit your needs and your body! Our highly innovative designs are made to your measurements for a custom fit.

We use only the very best neoprene materials so you can rest assured that a Nemo wetsuit will not only fit your proportions, but will last you for years to come. With our decades of experience in professional custom tailoring, we know how important quality is to you. We want you to be able to dive and surf safely, and, most importantly, in comfort. At Nemo wetsuits, we take responsibility for your comfort.

Our size chart will help you to find the best fit for you.

You can choose a ready-to-wear wetsuit from our standard sizes or have us design your dream suit custom made for you. Use our color chart to select and combine colors to find the look that suits you best and shows your personality. The description of the technical details will show you every step we take to deliver the finest wetsuits. Last but not least the buying guide will give you thorough information about wetsuits including how to preserve and maintain your wetsuit’s performance and help you decide which thickness you should consider for your own diving and surfing needs.

Located in Bali, Indonesia, known for its impressive diving and surfing sites, we have been able to test our designs first hand to ensure we offer divers the very best wetsuits. Our extensive water experience allows us to understand the needs of our clients and incorporate this into every wetsuit we make. We are sure that you will find Nemo wetsuits to exceed your expectations!

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