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The most extreme diving professions
Amateur divers dive for their own pleasure. But there are those for whom this is a completely different matter: work, and also difficult. From commercial divers to underwater forensic investigators,…

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Jay Moriarty the legend of surfing
In the twelve years that have passed since he first got up and rode a wave in the town of Santa Cruz, until his death, during free diving in the…

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How to attract a child to diving. Dad's opinion - instructor diving
Work - home - work, a weekend that is so lacking for everyone ... And then there is that outlet, holiday, diving - diving. And children who always lack attention?…

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Surfboards and their varieties

Surfboard- One of the necessary things for surfing.

At the moment, modern boards have moved very far from their large ancestors made of wood, both in terms of board construction and design, the materials from which the boards are made have also changed very much. The manufacture of boards is still carried out manually as before. They are made by special people called Shapers. The boards are made of polystyrene, which is why they are so light, and they are coated with a special layer of fiberglass on top, so they are quite strong and have good glide.

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Surfing is a sport for the elite

Surfing is a sport for strong-minded people, which includes daily, exhausting work on oneself, continuous improvement of one’s body. Not everyone has the strength to do this, not everyone is able to cope with powerful waves and fear. This extreme sport was invented centuries ago in Polynesia.

The word surfing comes from the English “surfing”, which means “riding on the surface”, in our time, this word means – riding on a wave on special boards.

Surfing is divided into five types:

– surfing on boards with a long length, about 3 meters Continue reading

Jay Moriarty the legend of surfing

In the twelve years that have passed since he first got up and rode a wave in the town of Santa Cruz, until his death, during free diving in the Maldives, Jay Moriarty managed to earn a great reputation in the world of surfing. Feats on the big waves and the ingenious skill of riding on longboards helped the athlete become famous. In his youth, Moriarty was an ordinary guy who was able to stand on a par with the best professional athletes. His charming smile and extraordinary modesty distinguished the guy. Rumors about him are still spreading and not only in California.

James Michael Moriarty hails from Georgia, then his family moved to Santa Cruz. Father, Doug, who served in the airborne troops. He began training to surf the young guy and instilled a love of adventure. Eleven-year-old Jay first stood on the board in the town of Sewer Peak. According to him, he rode without a wetsuit, in a T-shirt and shorts in icy, California water. His first wheelchair was on a 7’-foot Haut board. Continue reading

Surf Air Tricks

In surfing, there is such a thing as “Air stunts”, some of the most progressive surfers are able to truly perform such stunts, professional athletes push the limits of the possible, but you have to pay for everything.

Most often, injuries occur on the ankle of the athlete, less often the foot is injured. During jumping and being in the air, the legs are safe, but unforeseen problems can begin at the moment of landing on the water. At the moment, the development of surfing tricks does not stop by the interaction of the surface of the board, or the surface of the water, now most surfers try to show themselves also in the air. Sports, medical practice shows that as soon as an athlete begins to leave the surface of the water, soaring into the air, the risk of injuries increases, especially with regard to the athlete’s ankles. Continue reading


This article is mainly for beginners, but I advise you to re-read it to surfers with experience in order to refresh your knowledge about the cultural aspect of your favorite sport. Surf etiquette is an important component of surfing, a base that everyone needs to know. There are many articles on this subject, but the trouble is that if you basically don’t know that such a concept exists, it wouldn’t occur to you to google something like “surfing rule”, it’s not football, it seems that everything is intuitive understandably.

I like the phrase “Safe Skating Culture”, because it accurately reflects the essence. Firstly, these rules were invented in order to make surfing safe, and secondly, we are civilized people, and surfers, like any other community of people, have their own standards of behavior. Continue reading

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