Diving in the seychelles
Seychelles is not only magnificent pictures of palm trees, verdant against the background of the forever blue sky. This is not only an excellent level of service, combined with genuine…

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Female diving. Physiology and Equipment
According to statistics, girls are more accurate and careful under water than men. So, more than 30% of the number of students in underwater centers are women, but only 10%…

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Scuba diver interferes with a bad diver
What tricks have people not resorted to to get into the kingdom of Neptune, not accessible to creatures whose airways are not adapted to live under water! The ancients exhausted…

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safety tips for freediving training

Discussions about freediving safety in competitions are always evolving, but what about safety during training?
We may not dive to the same depths as the top freediving athletes, but this does not exclude the possibility of a blackout or samba, which means applying all the necessary measures that make diving not only as pleasant as possible, but also safe. Safety should always be the number one task for every freediver, but, unfortunately, it is often not taken seriously enough, especially by novice divers.
Below are 7 important tips to help you avoid common mistakes and improve the safety of your workouts.
Deep Freediving Training
1. Never dive alone
The most important rule of freediving, which is constantly talked about at every freediving course, and no matter what your level of diving.
Choose an experienced partner. Ideally, your level or higher. A partner must know the principles of insurance, how to react in case of samba or blackout and how to provide first aid.
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Female diving. Other features


Women are more emotional than men – this is undeniable. They are easier to emotions and in an emergency they act illogically and violently. For example, the likelihood of a car accident due to the emotional reaction of the female driver has become the occasion for many jokes. The same thing happens under water. However, it is worth understanding that the most terrible danger to a person under water is himself. Making the right decision in a non-standard situation is taught in scuba diving courses, so during an emergency you only need to stop, breathe, remember the advice of your teacher, think, and only then act. If you follow this golden rule, nothing can bring you out of balance – even the fear of darkness and depth. Although this may apply to men. Therefore, there are no significant psychological differences between the representatives of both sexes that would affect diving.

Are women more prone to decompression sickness?

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Regulators from Cressi-Sub

Regulators from Cressi-Sub are not as widely known in our country as Aqua Lung, Apeks or Poseidon. The fact is that the company does not make equipment for particularly difficult (arctic) operating conditions. There are no dry suits, technical “wings” in the assortment of the offered products, and there are no particularly “cold-resistant” regulators. But any of its products is really high-quality, brought to perfection and will satisfy any consumer with ordinary recreational diving. The current range of regulators consists of three series – XS, Airtech, Ellips. Any of the models in the line is very reliable with proper use and the usual basic care, which is determined by the reasonable design and European culture. The most modern series is Ellips, available in three versions. It is distinguished by an extremely beautiful and elegant design, compact size, low weight, competent selection of materials and very high-quality assembly. For our conditions, the most interesting are the Ellips Titanium and Ellips Alaska models. The first model has a reliable diaphragm Continue reading

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