How to attract a child to diving. Dad's opinion - instructor diving
Work - home - work, a weekend that is so lacking for everyone ... And then there is that outlet, holiday, diving - diving. And children who always lack attention?…

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Female diving. Other features
Psychology Women are more emotional than men - this is undeniable. They are easier to emotions and in an emergency they act illogically and violently. For example, the likelihood of…

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At what age can a child be engaged?
There are no uniform standards, there are recommendations, and there is an objective assessment of the child's capabilities, which the instructor must give. In some cases, parents are advised to…

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most sunny

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This is a guest article by a good friend of mine who has been involved in various extreme sports for many years and now lives in Bali, where, among other things, he enjoys surfing. The main thing I want to say about him is that he is a truly and deeply thinking person. Looking at surfing from the inside, I completely agree with his theses, as well as with the conclusion. So his word is:
To be able to see the dark sides of even the most positive phenomenon means to be able not to fall into the trap of illusions.

We all know that the medal has at least two sides (if you do not take into account the rib), and the stick has Continue reading


Surfing is not an easy sport, for success in it it is important not only and not so much physical health as psychological health. As practice shows, you can catch waves and have fun without legs and hands, but only with a clear mind and a positive attitude.

There are psychological traps waiting for each surfer in the ocean, you’ll get caught and risk stopping in progress, or even lose interest in surfing altogether. She wrote in detail and in detail about these traps, and how not to get into them.
Fear can become an engine of progress, and can irrevocably slow down the development of surfing. It all Continue reading

Spearfishing – the sea of impressions!

There is no doubt that such an activity as spearfishing can take you seriously and for a long time as soon as you come into contact with the world of underwater diving. Indeed, participation in spearfishing is a full of vivid impressions occupation, where each dive becomes a vivid and memorable adventure.

In order to begin to join the friendly community of underwater hunters, you first need to do what each of them initially faced: to understand the basics of scuba diving, diving and behavior in the underwater world.

All these basics are comprehended under the guidance of experienced instructors in a diving club. The Continue reading

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What is tech diving?
One of the varieties of diving, which attracts thousands of scuba diving enthusiasts around the world, is the technical diving (Technical Diver IANTD). The main difference between technology diving and…


Female diving. Diving and pregnancy
Diving pregnancy is the subject of much discussion and research. We advise you to refrain from diving during this time. Since adverse effects can be both for the mother and…


What was your unforgettable dive?
Brooke Morton asked several well-known divers to talk about her best dive. Oddly enough, the deepest dive - or the most adrenaline - rarely makes an indelible impression and is…


Surfing is a sport for the elite
Surfing is a sport for strong-minded people, which includes daily, exhausting work on oneself, continuous improvement of one’s body. Not everyone has the strength to do this, not everyone is…