Gestures in diving: the alphabet of survival
Gestures in diving play an important role in preserving the life of people engaged in scuba diving. Each gesture contains a lot of useful, necessary and the most time-compressed information.…

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How to attract a child to diving. Dad's opinion - instructor diving
Work - home - work, a weekend that is so lacking for everyone ... And then there is that outlet, holiday, diving - diving. And children who always lack attention?…

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Surf Air Tricks
In surfing, there is such a thing as “Air stunts”, some of the most progressive surfers are able to truly perform such stunts, professional athletes push the limits of the…

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What was your unforgettable dive?

Brooke Morton asked several well-known divers to talk about her best dive.

Oddly enough, the deepest dive – or the most adrenaline – rarely makes an indelible impression and is remembered for a lifetime. Hardly. The moments that change something in us, change our ideas about what is possible in the world around us, will remain in our memory for a long time.

We talked about this with National Geographic photographer David Dubile, oceanographer Sylvia Earle, Philippe Cousteau Jr. and his wife Ashlan.

David Dubile
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The most extreme diving professions

Amateur divers dive for their own pleasure. But there are those for whom this is a completely different matter: work, and also difficult. From commercial divers to underwater forensic investigators, we spoke with five brave men and women who make a living by diving, and whose safety depends only on their knowledge, skills and experience.

Nuclear Power Diver

Commercial diving is work underwater, usually in a hard hat and with a surface air supply system. This lesson covers a number of different professions, but perhaps the most spectacular of them are those Continue reading

Underwater Unknown Caucasus 2019

In the period from August 17 to 23 in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic, under the auspices of the Krasnodar branch of the Russian Geographical Society, the first international mountain underwater search expedition in Russia was successfully completed. The aim of the alpine expedition was to detect artifacts from the Great Patriotic War on the bottom of the Khalega lake, where, according to archival data, the Edelweiss mountain division deployed headquarters and built a cableway to lift military cargo to the passes of the Main Caucasian Range. Also in this area, the Nazis shot Soviet mountain shooters captured.

The expedition’s tasks included: casting underwater equipment and other equipment, deploying a base Continue reading

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Spearfishing - the sea of impressions!
There is no doubt that such an activity as spearfishing can take you seriously and for a long time as soon as you come into contact with the world of…


Rebreather Classification
Rebreather Classification What are rebreathers - now they know if not all, then many. Unfortunately, in Russia they still know mostly by hearsay. There are many legends about rebreathers, their…


This is a guest article by a good friend of mine who has been involved in various extreme sports for many years and now lives in Bali, where, among other…


Regulators from Cressi-Sub
Regulators from Cressi-Sub are not as widely known in our country as Aqua Lung, Apeks or Poseidon. The fact is that the company does not make equipment for particularly difficult…