Custom made SCUBA diving wetsuit and surfing wetsuit, neoprene material in Bali
Custom made SCUBA diving wetsuit and surfing wetsuit
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Nemo Wetsuit Technical Details

Technical details for making wetsuits

At Nemo wetsuits we use four types of top quality neoprene in our line of wetsuits.
Please read all about it in our Material Page to determine which material is most suitable for you. Keep in mind your comfort preferences and think about how often you dive, where you dive and the conditions you dive in when choosing the material which is right for you.


3 and 5 mm Neoprene available in 12 colors and in Material Types W8 & W7

nemo wetsuit technical details

3 and 5 mm 3D Neoprene in Black only

technical details of nemo wetsuits

5.5 mm 3D Neoprene in Black only

nemo wetsuit 2D neoprene

6.5 mm FO4 Neoprene is available in Black, Charcoal, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Red & Yellow

nemo wetsuit FO4 Neoprene

After you have chosen the Material, you’ll want to choose a color from our Color Chart Page or try our Custom Made Wetsuit Creator. Where you can chose colors. You’ll choice from 4 way Stretch Standard Nylon, Smooth Skin with Titanium with NST low friction surfaces, or PP-2 Thermo Insolation Fabric from Polypropylene high elastic fibers!

3 mm Wetsuit assembly
5, 5.5 and 6.5mm Wetsuit assembly
3mm nemo wetsuit
6.5mm nemo wetsuit
nemo wetsuit details
nemo wetsuit technical details
nemowetsuit stiching
nemo wetsuit stiched
Where are the seams located?

All seams associated with neoprene should be located in low stress areas. One of the worse places to put a seam is in the crotch and under the arm pit.

The constant stretch will inevitably weaken the seam and result in leaks. Another bad albeit too common idea is to stitch a pad on the Knee and Elbow which when bent can weaken the outer layer of the main part of the Wetsuit.

We are using for our Nemo Wetsuits, Knee and Elbow padding’s from POLY URETHANE they are heat transferred free of stitching and stretchable and are very strong against abrasion.

Wrist, Ankle & Neck seals are made out of super multi-flex heat reflecting Titanium Neoprene that has been special treated with a smooth sleek surface to ensure easy wearing.

Therefore the water exchange is minimized thus makes the suit a Superb Thermal Isolated Wetsuit.

technical details a nemo wetsuites

G-Lock Zipper from Paskal!

nemowetsuit zipper

The new revolutionary Stainless Steel G-Lock Zipper is like no other Wetsuit Zip. Uniquely designed off-set teeth turns Wetsuits into Dry-suits.

Almost no water penetration.

Stainless G-Lock zips are corrosion free, virtually unbreakable, a Zipper with long wearing comfort.


Sewing Thread from Amann Group

Serafil is more than just a highly efficient multifilament sewing thread in polyester. For decades it has been a synonym for quality, reliability and perfect looking seams. It impresses through its great versatility and its large product range is rounded off with the water repellent version Serafil WR, one of the basics requirement for water-tight seams. We are using for our Nemo Wetsuits exclusive Amann Group Products known for the best thread in the world!

Decals Printing from Akashi

As the top producer of stretch ink in Japan they supply over 70% of the wetsuit manufacturers in Japan with there highly regarded elongation ink. For over 10 years they have been supplying the wetsuit industry with stretch ink specially formulated to adhere to neoprene in the form of heat press decals. The best manufacturers in Japan and throughout the world use the heat press decals and elongation ink from Akashi. See their full product line for more.

Design and Profession

All this combined with our innovative designed off the rack Wetsuits & Custom made Suits made to your specifications and measurements, will fit to your comfort and your very own individual needs and proportions.

Background and Ideals

Very often I am asked why I started producing diving suits. Sure, it is not a normal job, but the reason is, that I was and still am an enthusiastic diver. Every diver knows the need for 100% reliable equipment. If you can trust your equipment, you will feel safe under any diving conditions. Especially the feeling of safety turns every dive into an unforgettable adventure.

Many years of experiments of making custom made leather goods and made to measure Leather garments. I’ve been able to put that trust into our new line of products. It all started in 2003 in our leather manufactory outlet in Kuta Bali Indonesia with the drawing of my own technical suit for diving. Based on our experience of high quality custom made garments we set new standards for manufacturing diving suits. The benefits to divers for a custom made Dive Suit are confirmed by our success. Our commitment to professional quality for all customers remains in present and in future. On that you have my word.

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