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Diving in Mauritius

The blessed island of Mauritius gained fame as a branch of this paradise on Earth. Lush tropical bushes, transparent turquoise waves running onto the silk sands of beaches, cozy lagoons are successfully complemented by pleasant weather conditions, especially in warm and dry winters (from May to November). In summer (November to May) it is hot and humid, although compared to other tropical islands, the air is much drier.

The island of Mauritius in the Mascarene archipelago lies 855 km east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. Around the perimeter is almost completely covered by a continuous ribbon of coral reefs that protect it from natural disasters.

Australia, Egypt, Maldives, Polynesia are constantly referred to as unsurpassed places for diving enthusiasts. What place does the island of Mauritius take on this brilliant list? Knowledgeable people claim that diving in Mauritius is more a pleasure than a shock. More precisely, an amazing pleasure.

The world’s third largest barrier reef offers a huge number of excellent diving spots, gives hope for surprises and does not deceive the expectations of even experienced divers. A lot of gloomy caves, sunken ships, flickering shadows of sharks, the struggle with strong currents, swooping past the cranaks and sea eagles can make the most powerful impression. There are other areas, a serene bright world, where flocks of funny tropical fish scurry about in the festive multicolor of vast coral gardens, encounters with black and blue marlin, bonites, dorado, barracudas are not excluded.

There are currently more than 23 diving centers in Mauritius registered with the Mauritius Scuba Diving Association (MSDA), where diving certificates are issued for insurance at a relatively low cost.

Diving on the island can be practiced almost year-round, with the exception of the cyclone period in January-February and in July-August. Comfortable water temperature in summer from 28ºC to 23-24ºC in winter creates favorable conditions for diving. Slight currents do not spoil good visibility, night diving is possible.

The best places for diving are in the northern or southeastern part of the island, where they offer short dives and long excursions to the selected area. In these places, divers admire the thickets of gorgonians, observe tropical fish — scalars, swallow fish, squirrel fish, sand perches, lobsters among the wreckage debris. There are huge schools of triggerfish, giant turtles swim, you can see a tiger, gray reef and white-fronted shark.

For short dives in Mauritius, several excellent sites have been chosen.

Old cliffs (10-20m) – extreme diving with an unusual form of rock in the company of moray eels, triggerfish and other tropical fish.

Grand Beyi and Pereybeyr (8-14m) – a variety of tropical fish, including moray eels of various colors, are scorpion. An ideal place for night diving.

The wreckage of the sunken ships, “Water Lily” (25m), “Stella Maru” (25m), “Silver Star” (38m) – hard and soft corals help shelter tropical small things, near moray eels, scorpions, large schools of commercial fish.

Merville Petches (12-15m) – a chain of reefs, coral branches, where there are many shrimps, moray eels and scorpions.

Coral Garden (! 7-19m) – a wide variety of corals, large red anemones, lobsters, moray eels.

Anemone and Coral head (18-21m) – an accumulation of one of the most beautiful types of soft corals in the usual accompaniment: clown fish, reef perches.

Cathedral (30m) – a wonderful underwater grotto with arches and vaults, resembling a cathedral, surrounded by black fan corals, where karanks and groupers flash.

Black Forest (40m) – famous for stunning landscapes with green corals, where schools of commercial fish sweep through, spotted a dorado.

Whale rock (30-40m) is one of the most spectacular areas for experienced drivers, an extensive rocky plateau. Here you can find green corals in the form of “bushes” up to 1m in height, rare black corals. In the nearest canyons – moray eels, hammer fish.

Anchor (12-20m) is an amazing place with two sunken anchors: one lies on a reef, the other on a sandy bottom. Around thickets of giant coral-brain. In numerous reef canyons, you can see almost any type of tropical fish.

Long excursions to dive sites.

Gunners Coyne, an island north of Mauritius (10-35m) – there are many excellent places for diving, at a depth of 30m there are fragments of Jabed. Clear water, excellent visibility. There are turtles, giant ramps, tuna, stone and reef perches, flocks of small barracudas.

Flat island (15-25m) – north of Mauritius, full day excursion, attraction at a depth of 25m, many sharks. Very strong surf, diving designed for experienced divers.

Among the popular sites worth mentioning is the Blue Lagoon, the crash site of the English ship Sirius, Colorado and Rosh Zoro.

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