Features of ice diving on Baikal
Ice diving (also referred to as ice diving from the English. “Ice” - ice) is not necessary or, more precisely, not only winter diving. Baikal is covered with a thick…

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Children's diving
Diving - scuba diving - is one of the types of collective outdoor activities, including family, in which children feel like adults, and also learn to be extremely independent. We…

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Seven amazing underwater cities.
Flooded cities and lost worlds have attracted the attention of adventure seekers and travelers, scientists and researchers over the years. These places, most often, were abandoned or destroyed thousands of…

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Female diving. Other features


Women are more emotional than men – this is undeniable. They are easier to emotions and in an emergency they act illogically and violently. For example, the likelihood of a car accident due to the emotional reaction of the female driver has become the occasion for many jokes. The same thing happens under water. However, it is worth understanding that the most terrible danger to a person under water is himself. Making the right decision in a non-standard situation is taught in scuba diving courses, so during an emergency you only need to stop, breathe, remember the advice of your teacher, think, and only then act. If you follow this golden rule, nothing can bring you out of balance – even the fear of darkness and depth. Although this may apply to men. Therefore, there are no significant psychological differences between the representatives of both sexes that would affect diving.

Are women more prone to decompression sickness?

A small number of studies conducted in this area does not allow either to confirm or refute this hypothesis. Some studies showed an increased percentage of DCS among women; in others, no differences were found. After reading the special literature, you will understand that this issue was and remains controversial. This suggests that there are not enough data for serious conclusions. The only fact that cannot be doubted is that decompression sickness develops during diving, and all divers, both women and men, should be very careful in this activity. Until an agency recognized in the world of diving develops different sets of tables for men and women, it should be assumed that the risk of DCS is the same for both sexes.

However, some argue about women’s predisposition to DB. All this has not been scientifically proven, but I think it’s worth considering:

Unlike men, the female subcutaneous fat layer is 25% thicker, and it is filled with nitrogen faster than other tissues.
Almost all decompression tables were compiled and tested on healthy young scuba divers, so they are designed for them. Women, when using tables, require a reduction in bottom time and an increase in ascent time.
The emergence of a new problem is associated with the popularization of breast substitutes. It is good that the gas-filled inserts were discontinued, because it is scary to imagine the outcomes of barotrauma associated with their outburst. Along with this, silicone substitutes are also able to accumulate nitrogen, and with ordinary immersion increase in size up to 4%. At the end of a prolonged deep-sea diving, a significant concentration of nitrogen can lead to an insert rush due to ascent, as well as a growing threat of DB.

The ratio of male divers and female divers

The stereotype of a weak, awkward and poorly coordinated woman is a thing of the past and, moreover, harmful to both sexes. A woman who believes that all the technical aspects of immersion (such as bringing a balloon, connecting a regulator, etc.) does not concern her, because she is a woman, loses her chance to learn important skills and become independent.
There is no place for any gender inequality in diving. Equality reigns supreme on a professional level. Hundreds of women instructors successfully conduct Open Water and Advanced Open Water courses for both men and women. Women are the owners of specialized diving shops, manage dive bots, and manage underwater tours. In diving centers, where staff brings cylinders, collects kits and provides all kinds of assistance to customers, this is done exactly the same for both men and women. Today, scuba diving is no longer the “world of men.” Now no one will be surprised if a man asks a woman to help him with equipment or with a solution to any other problem. In diving, men and women are equal, and they want to be considered as such.

Diving on Baikal. Three Dimensions

Beauty and youth

Diving prolongs youth! Clean air, sea salt and a fountain of positive emotions affect a woman in an amazing way. Often, scuba divers look much younger than their peers. Diving normalizes libido, which is important in our lives. Yes, and then … How pleasant it is to feel surrounded by strong male scuba divers. And who said that diving is not a female affair?

Today, various beauty contests are held among female divers in the world, which undoubtedly raises the popularity of this already exciting activity. They, of course, are somewhat different from the model ones, but the sight is pleasant.

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