Diving in Mauritius
The blessed island of Mauritius gained fame as a branch of this paradise on Earth. Lush tropical bushes, transparent turquoise waves running onto the silk sands of beaches, cozy lagoons…

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How to become a diving instructor?
Today, a person who wants to learn diving is provided with a wide variety of opportunities to make a choice. But if you already have enough knowledge and skills to…

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Seven amazing underwater cities.
Flooded cities and lost worlds have attracted the attention of adventure seekers and travelers, scientists and researchers over the years. These places, most often, were abandoned or destroyed thousands of…

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How to attract a child to diving. Dad’s opinion – instructor diving

Work – home – work, a weekend that is so lacking for everyone … And then there is that outlet, holiday, diving – diving. And children who always lack attention? So the thought came up – to teach them to dive with them. The decision has been made – I will teach, I will give it to the dive center, and there they will teach.

But let’s think – does he need it? He is interested, or will we, as always, impose our opinion on the child: “Go, it’s interesting there, you need …”? Let’s think and step by step try to understand – what, how and in what form we should explain to the child.

Probably the first thing to start with is to show parental photos and videos, of course, with comments, maybe even several different films about your dives. It is not immediately possible to find out his opinion, but perhaps in a day, since the child’s psychology is formed, and an opinion on the emotions and impressions received has been taking more than one hour. Let him live with these impressions and form his opinion.

Hurrah! He liked it, hooked! “I want to!” We go to the pool, preferably to the one where the divers train. Let him stand next to them and see how they assemble the equipment, dress and take a step into the water, let him touch EVERYTHING. Divers do not bite, ask – and they will not refuse you. In the end, you probably have your own kit at home.

Next – a mask, snorkel, flippers – and forward, onto the track, observe and spit water in different directions from the snorkel. If someone waved to him from under the water – believe me, there will be emotions! … And together you decide – “I want to do it.” Throughout the process, try not to make a serious face and say that you are a Texas ranger, on the contrary, try to explain how simple it is. Well, you have achieved your goal – your child himself made this decision.

Now you are together. But all of you, probably, understand that the children are all different – physical preparation, psychological preparation, horizons … Perhaps not every one of them is ready at this timid age to be like a dad or a mom. Do not be discouraged if you and he for some reason realized that diving is still too early. Most importantly, explain to the child that if it doesn’t work out, then it’s not scary, then we’ll try again. And remember – children need to be explained and told more than adults.

Well, if everything went well, hurray, you are together. And you will spend your weekend (vacation) in the family circle under water.

We select equipment for freediving
Freediving equipment has several important accessories that must be included with the diver. Without them, freediving equipment will not have the necessary functionality. Under water, the freediver is forced to control the time of the dive, calculating it based on the temperature of the water and the depth of the dive. For this, a wrist computer for freedivers is often used. In addition, special diving flippers are required for such dives.

A wrist computer for freedivers performs those functions that are not convenient for a diver to perform each time. It is always necessary to keep in mind only an approximate number of seconds; he will follow the exact time. Computers are quite expensive. It all depends on the number of built-in modes and protection.

Freediving fins are a triangular-shaped monofin. However, ordinary flippers are quite suitable for a start. The technique of freediving is a special art, and it should be mastered under the supervision of a professional. Traditional scuba diving does not require special breathing preparations, while apnea in this sense is extremely demanding. You can learn it only with the help of an instructor, it takes time and some effort.

In addition to these special devices, the freediver also needs other diving equipment, which you can read about in our article. And of course, do not forget – the mask for diving should also take into account the peculiarity of freediving.

A true master – only with PADI

Padi Open Water Instructor is a course aimed at training highly qualified specialists of an international class. A strict testing system, common for all countries, provides for the passage of detailed multilateral training and the delivery of a number of standards.
A huge theoretical base in the form of videos, brochures, as well as the invaluable experience of your instructors will become a reliable foundation in the development of diving.

Technical diving training at the Padi dive instructor course is distributed to receive a number of certificates, each of which is produced by an independent commission, which consists of the highest level examiners. This provides Padi dive graduates with recognition in all countries of the world community.

The PADI International Swimming Federation was founded in the United States of America and has become widespread worldwide thanks to the highest quality control of graduates.

Proven over time and translated into more than twenty-five languages ​​of the world, a universal training program provided by the international federation.

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