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The most extreme diving professions
Amateur divers dive for their own pleasure. But there are those for whom this is a completely different matter: work, and also difficult. From commercial divers to underwater forensic investigators,…

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Which countries go surfing and diving fans
Conquerors of sea waves and underwater depths, chasing their dreams, are ready to overcome any distance. These courageous, desperate and slightly crazy people travel for adventure anywhere in the world.…

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What was your unforgettable dive?
Brooke Morton asked several well-known divers to talk about her best dive. Oddly enough, the deepest dive - or the most adrenaline - rarely makes an indelible impression and is…

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Henyou from Jeju Island

Can you imagine the marine industry, which is engaged in a thousand people, while all of them are women and collect the catch using dives to hold their breath, using simple tools for this? This community has indeed existed for many centuries on Jeju Island (South Korea). And I think I’m very lucky. After all, I managed to catch a glimpse of it with my own eyes. Here are some photos of my meeting with henyo, along with excerpts from my research on them. I would like to tell you my story and gladly share my impressions of the ancient roots of freediving ….

The waters of Korea have a long history of diving for breath-holding. Seafood here is extremely valuable from a commercial point of view and is an integral part of Korean culture. These peoples went to the seas Continue reading

The main injuries at sea and how to treat them

One of the basic rules for any form of diving and just being in the ocean is “do not touch”. We all know that to control ourselves and not to touch anything under water is not only respect for the underwater world, which we come as guests, but also the best way to avoid injuries and injuries. However, in some cases contact is inevitable.
Most of us at some point still have a painful encounter with the marine organism, whether it be contact with corals or a bite of a jellyfish. It is important to know how to respond to this. In this article, we will consider the treatment of several common marine injuries. In most cases, the listed actions may be sufficient. In severe cases, they can provide crucial support while the victim is awaiting professional assistance.
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How Age Affects Freediving Success

I am often told (usually, I must admit, a coach of a “certain age”) that unlike, for example, football, where any professional over the age of 30 needs to think about retirement, freedivers get better with age.
How Age Affects Freediving Success

Anyone who knew the late Natalia Molchanova, who at the age of 56 was truly invincible, set world records in every discipline, it would be difficult to disagree. Ever since I heard that Pascal Berger from Switzerland calls himself the representative of the “young generation”, I’ve been intrigued by what Continue reading

safety tips for freediving training

Discussions about freediving safety in competitions are always evolving, but what about safety during training?
We may not dive to the same depths as the top freediving athletes, but this does not exclude the possibility of a blackout or samba, which means applying all the necessary measures that make diving not only as pleasant as possible, but also safe. Safety should always be the number one task for every freediver, but, unfortunately, it is often not taken seriously enough, especially by novice divers.
Below are 7 important tips to help you avoid common mistakes and improve the safety of your workouts.
Deep Freediving Training
1. Never dive alone
The most important rule of freediving, which is constantly talked about at every freediving course, and no matter what your level of diving.
Choose an experienced partner. Ideally, your level or higher. A partner must know the principles of insurance, how to react in case of samba or blackout and how to provide first aid.
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Theory and practice of breathing in surfing

Freediving is a young sport in which athletes swim in length or in depth while holding their breath.

Freediver enjoys the depth …

Thanks to quality theory and practice, top freedivers can dive to incredible depths (~ 253 meters, Herbert Nitsch) and hold their breath for up to eleven and a half minutes. It sounds incredible!
Learning about such opportunities, lovers of big waves could not stay away and began to wonder “how do they get it?”. As a result, the so-called “Surfer Survival Courses” appeared. In these courses, experienced Continue reading

You can’t dive higher, or an unknown expedition.
Underwater Himalayas - a phrase that at first glance seemed absurd, began to take on a very real shape and concrete meaning in 1999, when Andrei Andryushin (scuba diving instructor…


Seven amazing underwater cities.
Flooded cities and lost worlds have attracted the attention of adventure seekers and travelers, scientists and researchers over the years. These places, most often, were abandoned or destroyed thousands of…


Attention, in this article there are such words as “menstruation” and “vagina”, if you are a man and do not want anatomical details - do not read, just throw a…


Female diving. Other features
Psychology Women are more emotional than men - this is undeniable. They are easier to emotions and in an emergency they act illogically and violently. For example, the likelihood of…