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Attention, in this article there are such words as “menstruation” and “vagina”, if you are a man and do not want anatomical details - do not read, just throw a…

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The most extreme diving professions
Amateur divers dive for their own pleasure. But there are those for whom this is a completely different matter: work, and also difficult. From commercial divers to underwater forensic investigators,…

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Diving in Borneo
The main distinguishing feature of this unique region, of course, is its incredibly diverse nature. Wet tropical forests penetrate many deep and not very deep rivers, which are sometimes the…

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Bored in the winter? Try ice diving!

How many songs and poems are written about the Russian winter? Do not count. About ice diving in Russia, perhaps, songs and poems will also appear soon. Perhaps such poems and songs have already begun to appear. At least about the existence of films on this subject, we are one hundred percent sure. A striking example of this is the series of documentary videos and photographs that were shot in the framework of the project “Secrets of sunken ships.” Starting as part of a public initiative back in 2002, the project immediately became a famous scientific event. Many sensational discoveries were made, both in the Gulf of Finland and in the area of ​​lakes Ilmen, Ladoga and some others. Amazing finds continue to this day, and some of them are made during winter diving. Anyone, with a certain level of diving training, can join the ongoing research at any time. And if a beginner wants to see at least a dozen sunken ships at Continue reading

Diving in Sri Lanka: The Underwater World of the Blessed Land

In such a wonderful natural oasis as Sri Lanka, diving has become the most common type of outdoor activity. The reason for the extraordinary attraction for diving enthusiasts lies in the fact that diving in Sri Lanka is a kind of tour of the museum of shipbuilding. Dangerous reefs located near the coast very often caused shipwrecks in various times. Therefore, many ships forever found peace in these waters, now becoming a local attraction for all history buffs. And about the many varieties of the inhabitants of these places, perhaps, it is not worth mentioning. It is enough to ask those who have ever visited here, or to do a couple of dives themselves to understand that such a stunningly magnificent variety is not found anywhere else in the world. Diving in Sri Lanka gives all scuba diving enthusiasts not only a lot of Continue reading

Diving in the seychelles

Seychelles is not only magnificent pictures of palm trees, verdant against the background of the forever blue sky. This is not only an excellent level of service, combined with genuine joy from the best tourist vacation in the world. It is also an annual festival of films and photographs about the underwater nature, the main characters of which are fish, turtles, whales, dolphins, stingrays and other inhabitants of the underwater kingdom. Here, nature itself draws underwater pictures unsurpassed in beauty, saturated with all conceivable and unimaginable colors. Even if you have not taken diving equipment with you, and even if you have never made any attempt to dive, in the Seychelles you have every chance to acquire the necessary scuba diving skills and take the first steps in the underwater world right here, in the homeland of an unsurpassed natural riot of colors .

Seychelles Islands are located northeast of Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean. Only twenty of the more Continue reading

Tarkhankut – a diver’s paradise

The heady tart aroma of dry virgin steppe, the famous Tarkhankut winds, sheer cliffs, rocky shores, under which the cleanest sea in the Crimea splashes, and amazing coastal and underwater landscapes attract vacationers of a special type. People come here not to lie on the sand, but to relax actively. Tarhankut is one of the most interesting places for diving in the Crimea, which you need to see with your own eyes.

Actually, here, in the classical sense, there are not so many beaches here either – they exist only near the village of Olenevka. For Tarkhankut regulars, the beach is a place where it is convenient to approach the water. The beauty of the rocky shore will not leave indifferent even stubborn skeptics. If you go down to Continue reading

Diving in Mauritius

The blessed island of Mauritius gained fame as a branch of this paradise on Earth. Lush tropical bushes, transparent turquoise waves running onto the silk sands of beaches, cozy lagoons are successfully complemented by pleasant weather conditions, especially in warm and dry winters (from May to November). In summer (November to May) it is hot and humid, although compared to other tropical islands, the air is much drier.

The island of Mauritius in the Mascarene archipelago lies 855 km east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. Around the perimeter is almost completely covered by a continuous ribbon of coral reefs that protect it from natural disasters.

Australia, Egypt, Maldives, Polynesia are constantly referred to as unsurpassed places for diving Continue reading

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Diving in Sri Lanka: The Underwater World of the Blessed Land
In such a wonderful natural oasis as Sri Lanka, diving has become the most common type of outdoor activity. The reason for the extraordinary attraction for diving enthusiasts lies in…


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