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How freediving can be useful for divers
Today freediving is becoming an increasingly popular hobby. A hunting method that has been practiced since ancient times, which people practiced in the very distant past, is undergoing a revival…

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You can’t dive higher, or an unknown expedition.
Underwater Himalayas - a phrase that at first glance seemed absurd, began to take on a very real shape and concrete meaning in 1999, when Andrei Andryushin (scuba diving instructor…

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Bored in the winter? Try ice diving!
How many songs and poems are written about the Russian winter? Do not count. About ice diving in Russia, perhaps, songs and poems will also appear soon. Perhaps such poems…

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Surfing is not an easy sport, for success in it it is important not only and not so much physical health as psychological health. As practice shows, you can catch waves and have fun without legs and hands, but only with a clear mind and a positive attitude.

There are psychological traps waiting for each surfer in the ocean, you’ll get caught and risk stopping in progress, or even lose interest in surfing altogether. She wrote in detail and in detail about these traps, and how not to get into them.
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How to choose diving flippers

If you seriously want to go diving, the choice of fins will be one of the most important decisions. To make it easier to get acquainted with the market, we will deal with the classification of this type of underwater equipment. First, fins are either ordinary (one for each leg) or “monofins” (one fins for both legs). Beginners should choose the first type of flippers, as special diving is required for diving with one flipper. The swimming style is completely different from the standard.

bull flippers have two of the most significant factors: heel type and stiffness of the flippers. According to the first factor, flippers are divided into open and closed. The division is mainly due to the fact that flippers are often rented. Open flippers (without heel) are suitable for various boots. Closed flippers – for bare feet (toe allowed). Continue reading

Diving in Egypt: all on the reefs!

Egypt is a favorite destination for diving trips. The Red Sea attracts divers with its water, which has an almost constant temperature at any time of the year, as well as perfect transparency and salinity. In addition, in the Red Sea, with its warm and clear water, there is a huge number of representatives of the underwater flora and fauna, which is of interest to lovers of wildlife. Visiting coral reefs with their unique beauty, unique fauna and fanciful colorful corals is one of the main goals of tourists in Egypt. All this makes diving in Egypt popular at any time of the year, and Egypt itself is a leader in the list of regions best for diving.

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How to attract a child to diving. Dad’s opinion – instructor diving

Work – home – work, a weekend that is so lacking for everyone … And then there is that outlet, holiday, diving – diving. And children who always lack attention? So the thought came up – to teach them to dive with them. The decision has been made – I will teach, I will give it to the dive center, and there they will teach.

But let’s think – does he need it? He is interested, or will we, as always, impose our opinion on the child: “Go, it’s interesting there, you need …”? Let’s think and step by step try to understand – what, how and in what form we should explain to the child.

Probably the first thing to start with is to show parental photos and videos, of course, with comments, maybe even several different films about your dives. It is not immediately possible to find out his Continue reading

Scuba diver interferes with a bad diver

What tricks have people not resorted to to get into the kingdom of Neptune, not accessible to creatures whose airways are not adapted to live under water! The ancients exhausted themselves with lengthy workouts, allowing them to hold their breath for several tens of seconds longer. Another idea came up with the use of lumps of wool or animal fur, in which air bubbles are trapped. The first device used by primitive divers for diving was a long straw through which they breathed while under water. In the 16th century, an air bell and a leather suit began to be used, which was filled with air pumped from the surface. Diving suits gradually improved and for a long time served people as faithful helpers in various underwater works.

But a real breakthrough in the study of the underwater world occurred only in the 20th century, when scuba gear was invented almost at the same time and the first bathyscaphe was built. In 1910, a slightly improved model of the Henry Fluss submarine, invented back in 1878, found its application as the rescue equipment of the English submarine fleet. The use of a similar apparatus called the scuba gear was Continue reading

How to become a diving instructor?
Today, a person who wants to learn diving is provided with a wide variety of opportunities to make a choice. But if you already have enough knowledge and skills to…


Female diving. Other features
Psychology Women are more emotional than men - this is undeniable. They are easier to emotions and in an emergency they act illogically and violently. For example, the likelihood of…


Record Dive at the Pole of Cold
February 1, 2013 at a point with geographical coordinates N 62 ° 30 \ '453 \' \ '/ E 143 ° 37 \' 505 \ '\' a unique dive took…


Surfing is a sport that is practiced for pleasure, but for health, you have to add decent exercises on the shore to compensate for the uneven load. I have a…