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Tarkhankut - a diver's paradise
The heady tart aroma of dry virgin steppe, the famous Tarkhankut winds, sheer cliffs, rocky shores, under which the cleanest sea in the Crimea splashes, and amazing coastal and underwater…

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How freediving can be useful for divers
Today freediving is becoming an increasingly popular hobby. A hunting method that has been practiced since ancient times, which people practiced in the very distant past, is undergoing a revival…

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Rebreather Classification
Rebreather Classification What are rebreathers - now they know if not all, then many. Unfortunately, in Russia they still know mostly by hearsay. There are many legends about rebreathers, their…

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What is tech diving?

One of the varieties of diving, which attracts thousands of scuba diving enthusiasts around the world, is the technical diving (Technical Diver IANTD). The main difference between technology diving and the so-called recreational (basic) diving is that it allows you to dive no deeper than 40 meters, which greatly expands the possibilities of a swimmer who has mastered this species. Depth exceeding the mark allowed by traditional diving was made possible thanks to special equipment, which includes cylinders with a special gas mixture, as well as decompression equipment.

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Surfing is a sport that is practiced for pleasure, but for health, you have to add decent exercises on the shore to compensate for the uneven load. I have a friend, Sasha Pavlov, a surfer and a professional fitness trainer who is well versed in physiology. I asked him to talk about exactly how the surfer suffers from his hobby, and whether it is possible to correct or at least reduce the negative effect of surfing.
A bit of general physiology
All muscles are connected in a common chain, and fascias connect them – connective tissue, elastic but elastic, which does not allow the muscles to disperse, holds the fibers together. Each muscle is in its fascia, each muscle bundle is also wrapped in a common fascia, this structure gives the body density and creates Continue reading

How to row and rake waves efficiently

Here’s a fact for you: 90% of surfing is rowing. It is necessary to rake into the ocean, one must choose the right place there, swim in priority and hold it, scoop into the wave, after which those blissful few seconds without rowing will follow, and then repeat everything again until you roll or spend all your strength. On how well and technically correct a person is rowing, his surfer efficiency directly depends, that is, how many waves he takes. Because to see a good wave is not enough, you also need to rake it.
Rowing is important!
Experienced surfers per second in the ocean calculate beginners precisely by rowing. When it seems from the side that a person is not rowing, but stroking his hands with his hands, it does not seem that he really does Continue reading


This is a guest article by a good friend of mine who has been involved in various extreme sports for many years and now lives in Bali, where, among other things, he enjoys surfing. The main thing I want to say about him is that he is a truly and deeply thinking person. Looking at surfing from the inside, I completely agree with his theses, as well as with the conclusion. So his word is:
To be able to see the dark sides of even the most positive phenomenon means to be able not to fall into the trap of illusions.

We all know that the medal has at least two sides (if you do not take into account the rib), and the stick has Continue reading


Attention, in this article there are such words as “menstruation” and “vagina”, if you are a man and do not want anatomical details – do not read, just throw a link to your surfing friends.
If you are lucky to be born with a set of chromosomes XX, the imprint of the hormonal background is superimposed on most of your life. PMS, pain, fatigue, tearfulness – repeating regularly, these things become familiar and mundane. The female cycle naturally also influences surfing. Kitchen conversations confirm that among my acquaintances there was not a single girl who would say that she did not notice any difference during the whole month. The most common complaint is a lack of strength right in front of menstruation and in the early days. Next on the list is poor coordination on the same dates. Continue reading

At what age can a child be engaged?
There are no uniform standards, there are recommendations, and there is an objective assessment of the child's capabilities, which the instructor must give. In some cases, parents are advised to…


Freediving - immersion in freedom
Freediving what is it? Freediving is called swimming underwater without scuba gear, with the ability to hold your breath for as long as possible. In addition, freediving is a whole…


This article is mainly for beginners, but I advise you to re-read it to surfers with experience in order to refresh your knowledge about the cultural aspect of your favorite…


Gestures in diving: the alphabet of survival
Gestures in diving play an important role in preserving the life of people engaged in scuba diving. Each gesture contains a lot of useful, necessary and the most time-compressed information.…