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Diving in Sri Lanka: The Underwater World of the Blessed Land
In such a wonderful natural oasis as Sri Lanka, diving has become the most common type of outdoor activity. The reason for the extraordinary attraction for diving enthusiasts lies in…

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Surfing is a sport for the elite
Surfing is a sport for strong-minded people, which includes daily, exhausting work on oneself, continuous improvement of one’s body. Not everyone has the strength to do this, not everyone is…

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How to row and rake waves efficiently
Here's a fact for you: 90% of surfing is rowing. It is necessary to rake into the ocean, one must choose the right place there, swim in priority and hold…

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Cressi-Sub diving and spearfishing equipment

Surely anyone who has anything to do with diving, just keen on scuba diving or, moreover, professionally working in the field of diving industry, knows the products of the world-famous manufacturer of scuba gear and equipment Cressi-Sub. Fins, masks, breathing tubes, wet suits, buoyancy compensators, regulators, instruments, all kinds of accessories with a recognizable logo can always be found on the shelves of the Three Dimensions store, and their undeniable quality and quite reasonable prices make the products of the Italian company very competitive.

Cressi-Sub is a powerful player in the diving market, having a very good position in Europe, especially in the Mediterranean region, which is not surprising, given the historical and geographical aspects. After all, spearfishing, swimming with self-contained breathing apparatus for scientific, military and applied purposes, Continue reading

At what age can a child be engaged?

There are no uniform standards, there are recommendations, and there is an objective assessment of the child’s capabilities, which the instructor must give. In some cases, parents are advised to wait six months to a year, and then come again. It can be traumatic for parents to hear that their child, “the most-most,” is not yet ready for diving, although his peers are already engaged, but in case of risk or danger to health, the instructor should take a tough stance.

For young divers there are certain restrictions on depth in accordance with age. For children 8-10 years old, the maximum allowable depth is 2 meters, 10-12 years old – 5 meters, 12-14 years old – 10 meters. Also, children are not recommended to dive in water colder than 12 degrees, at low temperatures it is necessary to limit the time the child stays in water to 10 minutes (even when using a wetsuit), and in Continue reading

Children’s diving

Diving – scuba diving – is one of the types of collective outdoor activities, including family, in which children feel like adults, and also learn to be extremely independent. We will analyze in more detail several key issues of this topic.

Will my child enjoy diving?

The popularity of diving is growing every year, today this hobby has become massive and even family. And where do children and teenagers begin their fascination with the underwater world? Of course, with the filing of the parents. If adults love this type of recreation and knowledge of the underwater world, they will certainly want to introduce their children to this. Parents bring the child to the first dive, and it is then that the child understands how interesting it is to him. However, one should not forget that children see this world differently from adults. And any impression received at an early age has a huge impact on the psyche of the child. So, some parents are forced to go to various circles and electives of their children against their will and desire, thereby discouraging interest for a long time on the imposed subject. Therefore, it is very important Continue reading

Types and varieties of diving

Diving (English “diving” from the English “to dive” – ​​to dive) is a very broad concept, including many varieties of scuba diving. In English, from where the word was taken, diving simply means “diving”, that is, it is used to refer to any dives, from simple diving to diving.

Depending on the equipment used, 3 types of diving can be distinguished:

without a breathing apparatus underwater – freediving;
with a breathing apparatus – scuba diving;
with sophisticated technical equipment for professional underwater work – diving.

Free Diving, Free Diving – holding diving (apnea). As additional equipment, swimmers can use wetsuits, flippers and masks, but can do without them at all. Freedivers develop personal abilities to hold their breath for the maximum time and for maximum immersion in depth. Continue reading

Features of ice diving on Baikal

Ice diving (also referred to as ice diving from the English. “Ice” – ice) is not necessary or, more precisely, not only winter diving. Baikal is covered with a thick crust of ice only in January, and even then not completely. (For example, at the source of the Angara, the water never freezes.) The most successful period for ice diving is the off-season, February and March, during which time there are most sunny days, which provides good visibility under water. So ice diving can also be attributed to spring extreme relaxation.

What is so good about ice diving?

Winter diving on Lake Baikal is special, it differs from ice diving in other places of our planet. It’s all about the unique clean water of Lake Baikal, which turns into crystal clear ice (there is practically no such Continue reading

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Features of ice diving on Baikal
Ice diving (also referred to as ice diving from the English. “Ice” - ice) is not necessary or, more precisely, not only winter diving. Baikal is covered with a thick…


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