Rebreather Classification
Rebreather Classification What are rebreathers - now they know if not all, then many. Unfortunately, in Russia they still know mostly by hearsay. There are many legends about rebreathers, their…

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The most extreme diving professions
Amateur divers dive for their own pleasure. But there are those for whom this is a completely different matter: work, and also difficult. From commercial divers to underwater forensic investigators,…

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Underwater Unknown Caucasus 2019
In the period from August 17 to 23 in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic, under the auspices of the Krasnodar branch of the Russian Geographical Society, the first international mountain underwater search…

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the characteristics

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Surfboards and their varieties

Surfboard- One of the necessary things for surfing.

At the moment, modern boards have moved very far from their large ancestors made of wood, both in terms of board construction and design, the materials from which the boards are made have also changed very much. The manufacture of boards is still carried out manually as before. They are made by special people called Shapers. The boards are made of polystyrene, which is why they are so light, and they are coated with a special layer of fiberglass on top, so they are quite strong and have good glide.

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Surfing is a sport for the elite

Surfing is a sport for strong-minded people, which includes daily, exhausting work on oneself, continuous improvement of one’s body. Not everyone has the strength to do this, not everyone is able to cope with powerful waves and fear. This extreme sport was invented centuries ago in Polynesia.

The word surfing comes from the English “surfing”, which means “riding on the surface”, in our time, this word means – riding on a wave on special boards.

Surfing is divided into five types:

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Spearfishing – the sea of impressions!

There is no doubt that such an activity as spearfishing can take you seriously and for a long time as soon as you come into contact with the world of underwater diving. Indeed, participation in spearfishing is a full of vivid impressions occupation, where each dive becomes a vivid and memorable adventure.

In order to begin to join the friendly community of underwater hunters, you first need to do what each of them initially faced: to understand the basics of scuba diving, diving and behavior in the underwater world.

All these basics are comprehended under the guidance of experienced instructors in a diving club. The Continue reading

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Diving in Egypt: all on the reefs!
Egypt is a favorite destination for diving trips. The Red Sea attracts divers with its water, which has an almost constant temperature at any time of the year, as well…


What was your unforgettable dive?
Brooke Morton asked several well-known divers to talk about her best dive. Oddly enough, the deepest dive - or the most adrenaline - rarely makes an indelible impression and is…


Henyou from Jeju Island
Can you imagine the marine industry, which is engaged in a thousand people, while all of them are women and collect the catch using dives to hold their breath, using…


Surfing is not an easy sport, for success in it it is important not only and not so much physical health as psychological health. As practice shows, you can catch…